The only one technique of dyeing in the world,
using geothermal steam directly to products.

The steam contains perfect balance of hydrogen sulfide with no impurities, which takes some colors away to make wonderful gradation.
If you tried dyeing with other steam, the materials that are dyed would get damaged, or get dust from the steam.
That’s why this is the only place you can try this dyeing.The geothermal power plant itself is the fourth oldest geothermal power plant in the world, established in 1966.
It comes in the top 4 quality of steam in the world.

Hachimantai geothermal dyeing

The most fascinating thing is the wonderful gradation.
The gradation can not be created by any other ways if you really want such a vivid and well gradational ones.It is an extraordinary dyeing using rich geothermal resources of Hachimantai.

We dye color images of the nature of Hachimantai with our own tie-dyeing techniques, mixing of dyes, and natural geothermal steam.


Geothermal steam has different components and characters depending on the region.Geothermal steam at Hachimantai Matsukawa-Onsen is the most suitable for dyeing such various color gradations on many different materials.

The technique is found and exclusively used by Yoko Takahashi and Kazuyuki Takahashi.